Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Market to Market: Fall Ankle Booties Pt. 2

Street Style Vegan Ankle Boots Fall 2013

Street Style Vegan Ankle Boots Fashion Blogger Sara Strand

Gisele Bundchen Street Style Vegan Ankle Boots Kenzo Sweatshirt

Just in case you were in the market for a shiny, new pair of vegan booties... There are so many fine looking fellas out right now. My favorites are the Stella McCartney ones below. Definitely cannot afford them, but if I could, they'd be the first on my list. :)

Heeled Booties:  
Stella McCartney Faux Leather Wing-Tip Ankle Boot, $695,

REPORT Signature Blanch Bootie, $89.50,
Lara Manni ankle boots, $195,

Flat Booties: 
Kelsi Dagger Siberia Vegan Leather Boots, $150,
Vegan Ankle Boots, $89,

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