Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekly Roundup

Gucci Fall/Winter 2014 Runway 

1. With the abundance of fur seen on autumn/winter 2014 runways this month, Suzy Corrigan investigates why fur appears to be back in style and its implications for the future:  "Fur, the Comeback and the Backlash" (i-D Magazine).

2.  American Singer-songwriter and Producer Pharrell Williams helps clean our oceans, one pair of jeans at a time, as part of a newly-launched denim project called "Raw for the Oceans."

3.  Exclusive London nightclub bans fur wearing celebrities. The owner of Mahiki, the frequent hot spot for both pop stars and royalty alike, stated “I don’t care who you are — if you’re wearing fur, you’re heartless, and you’re not coming in." (London Evening Standard).

Wide Brimmed Hat, $30, ZARA

4. ZARA must have been listening. If there's anything vegan fashion is deprived of, it's hats (and cute, fedora style ones, especially)...which is why it's so exciting that ZARA has finally made one both vegans and non-vegans can get behind (available here).

5. Just for fun: Proof that cows are just really big dogs (video). 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six Secrets to a Strong Immune System

Six Secrets to Naturally Boost Immune System

Yep, it's Flu season alright. On my flight home from Florida a few weeks ago, it seemed as though every person on the plane had some sort of illness. Incessant coughs, sneezes, and blowing noses sounded from nearly every direction--even my own, since not even the man seated next to me had been spared from whatever virus was going around. In an effort to save myself, upon returning home I did some research, tested a few theories and eventually settled upon six of my favorite natural and scientifically-backed methods of warding off a cold and/or flu. Here's what I found...