Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Face It...

I'm not sure why, but having these types of conversations is often really hard. No one wants to make others feel uncomfortable, sound preachy, or seem "holier than thou." Of course, none of us know all the answers. We can really only see what's two feet in front of us... yet sometimes we choose not to see the things in front of us because it's simply inconvenient to do so. It doesn't match with what we know (or think we know) and already hold true in our minds; and thus, it's easier to simply disregard it and go along with our lives as we always have. Most of the time it's harmless and doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things whether or not we opened your minds to whatever new, small bit of information that comes our way... (whether it be your boyfriend cheating on you or you're allergic to pineapple and thus now need to stop eating your favorite fruit)... but what happens when this information is so important, so dire, that the risk of not changing actually proves more painful than the risk it'd take to change? 

This article (from Hipsters for Sisters blog) explains really well something that's, while at a clearly visible two feet in front of us, is somehow something a lot of people simply prefer to not see or acknowledge...perhaps because people don't want to change their ways, or maybe it's too much of a burden to take responsibility for... Regardless, it's important to understand what's happening to our planet and why.