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In my many years of being a vegetarian, I never had a problem with wearing leather.  I cherished my "real leather" handbag and fawned over the beautifully constructed, "real leather" jackets and boots I saw in magazines and fashion blogs. However, as I've recently set foot on my journey of "leaning into veganism" (thanks, Kathy Freston)—which, to be honest, happened in a much more roundabout way than one would expect—the issue of wearing leather has become more and more problematic for me as both a vegetarian and animal lover. 

However, as many can attest to, finding faux leather alternatives with the same quality of craftsmanship as those that come in real leather is not exactly the easiest of tasks, especially since most faux leather items are produced with the intent of being sold at a much lower, “fast fashion” price point than their real leather counterparts.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that well designed and quality-crafted, vegan fashion isn’t out there, but perhaps, we just haven’t heard of them yet.  In fact, what I recently discovered was that there are more options out there than we think—designers like Stella McCartney, Hipsters for Sisters, Cornelia Guest, OlsenHaus, even Free People who opted to make a special line of vegan leather, and the many more conscious designers springing up online every minute. 

We have a greater selection of vegan fashion than we think—and best of all, many of these designers are not designing with “fast fashion” in mind—they’re designing their clothing/ bags/ shoes with such love and positivity in purpose and mission, with careful attention to detail, and most importantly, they’re creating them to last.  I’ve discovered that there is so much good happening now in the world of vegan fashion. I wanted to share it.

About The Vegan Voguette

In the Age of the Internet, the terms "vegan" and "fashionable" no longer have to be mutually exclusive. As your trusted source in vegan fashion, The Vegan Voguette scours the Internet's best fashion sites every day to connect you with the newest, most desirable and on-trend items that also follow under any or all of these three categories: vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.

There isn't one "right way" to go about being more conscious of the earth and its animals. The Vegan Voguette embraces a philosophy of "inclusion," seeking to support and celebrate brands and individuals who are doing their part to help make the world a more conscious place. We are all in different places along the same path. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, eco-conscious, cruelty-free, or just simply curious about any of the above--I welcome you to join me on my journey.

Questions or suggestions? Email me at theveganvoguette@gmail.com

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