Tuesday, May 13, 2014


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Not much to say these days. Feeling a bit uninspired lately about writing, and even just vegan fashion in general. To tell you the truth, it hasn't been hard by any means to find attractive, high-quality (and reasonably priced) clothing/ accessories that are vegan. In fact, it's been actually pretty easy, so I've been good on my wardrobe cleanse, buying only items not made of leather or other animal products... However, I'm feeling a bit discouraged by the fact that so many people remain stuck in their ways. They continue to see "real leather" as a desirable quality in goods, maybe even a "non-negotiable" in deciding whether or not to purchase something. While it's sometimes easy for people to overlook the reality of where we get our "leather" from, how can people ignore the major weather pattern changes occurring on earth as part of global warming? How can they ignore the fact that cows and the methane they produce, which is so large in quantity due to factory farming, remain the number one cause of global warming? When did we become so selfish and narrow minded... focusing only on what's convenient for oneself and lifestyle that we refuse to take responsibility for our actions and their impact on the world, let alone alter them...

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