Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gift Guide for Her

Holiday Gift Guide for Vegan Fashionista
A few no-fail gifts for the vegan or animal-conscious, fashion lover in your life. 

Gifts! gifts! and more gifts! Shopping for loved ones can be hard and by hard, I mean trying to avoid the inevitable, 'you go shopping with the intention of buying other people gifts, yet just end up buying more stuff for yourself' syndrome. My theory is that you're more likely to come out successful if you go in with some sort of plan of what you'd like to get those on your list. Before I go christmas shopping, I like to make a list of everyone I need to get gifts for, what I'd like to get them, and the stores I'd most likely find those gifts least this way, you're more focused, less stressed, and there's a bit more hope for you coming home with something to put under the tree this year. And if this sounds like a post about what I'm planning to give other people this year, I've deceived you. It's actually, quite ironically, a list of all of my favorite and most desired items on my wish list this year. Yep, and now I've gone full circle. All the way back to buying gifts for myself.

1. Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500 Variable Speed Countertop Blender, $599,
Owning this beauty is every vegan's dream. Use it to make lust-worthy breakfast smoothies, homemade salad dressing and sauces, your very own nut butters, and yes, I said it, ice cream (non-dairy, of course).

2. Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 by Vince Aletti and Carol Squiers, $100,
One of the greatest coffee table books ever invented, Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 traces the evolution of fashion photography through the iconic works of Richard Avedon, one of the greatest fashion photographers in history. 

3. In my opinion, the best gifts are always experiences. What about tickets to see her favorite band in concert, or an "I.O.U." for Coachella, perhaps? A road trip to somewhere she's dying to see, or if she's an art lover, how about tickets to Art Basel Miami Beach for next year? 

4. Zara Vegan Leather Ankle Boots, $75,
Stylishly minimalistic and 100% vegan. 

5. Cat Eye Mask, $25,
Because we all need our beauty sleep, right? 

6. Silver Cataluna Belt Bag, $265,
Virtually any woman is going to love this belt bag by Hipsters for Sisters. Imagine having all your day-to-day necessities with you while having your hands totally free? This bag is life changing. Best of all, its made with the highest quality vegan leather and is made locally and sustainably in Los Angeles. 

7.  Blueprint Juice Cleanse, $75 + depending on program, 
Because we could all use a detox after the holidays. 

8. Only Hearts "So Fine" Lace Bralette, $54,

9. Farm Sanctuary's Adopt An Animal Program, $10-50/month,
Any animal lover would appreciate the opportunity to sponsor a rescued farm animal. By adopting a farm animal, you’ll help provide their food, shelter, and veterinary costs. Adoptions can be made in a gift-recipient’s name and they'll receive information about their adopted “pet” including a picture, his/her story, and even details about visiting their animal.

10. Alice and Olivia Crew Neck Roll Sleeve Dress, $165,

Happy Holiday shopping!! 


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