Monday, May 6, 2013

Now or Never: Shaking It Up for Spring

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Now that the sun is out and spring has sprung, it's a better time than ever to shake things up inside your closet. Spring is the season of new life and growth--the perfect time, in my opinion, to experiment with your style and perhaps, try out those "risky" clothing or accessory items you've been desperately wanting to wear, yet haven't had the courage to...

One such item for me is the "caged in bustier," featured above.  It has a simple sophistication about it in the way that it almost crosses the boundaries of fashion into the realm of art. However, as you've probably guessed, it isn't exactly the easiest to wear, as it's really only appropriate for a very limited number of occasions, but this spring I am making it my goal to give it a try.

If you ever intend to actually wear the pieces you've in the past, been too afraid to, now seems the time to do it. As the season for growth and new beginnings, spring can't help but be the perfect time for embracing your most daring (and desired) sense of style: whether that means finally strapping on those knee-high gladiator sandals and gold, armor-inspired jewelry you've been fawning over (yet were too afraid you'd be mistaken for Gladiator's Russell Crowe), or stepping into that pair of sky blue, tie-dyed overalls you've been recently dying to wear and would have, had you not had so much self-restraint and concern for the well-being of those around you. Spring means embracing you--and you, at your fullest. Now's the time to finally dip those toes in the pool and give those few risky items a shot. If you don't take risks, you can never evolve, right?

As always, all of the items featured above are entirely vegan

Adriana Degreas Skirt

H&M Heels

Caged Bustier

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