Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Currently Craving: The Metallic Gladiator Sandal

Silver Metallic Gladiator Sandal Spring Summer 2013

Springtime is here! The sun is out, flowers are in bloom! The only thing that seems to be missing is a great pair of metallic gladiator sandals. Unlike most people, I wear gladiator sandals (usually gold) like its my job during the warmer months of Spring and Summer. For me, these jems are more like a wardrobe staple rather than a trendy item I'll no longer wear when I get bored of them (because I don't get bored of them). However, I've appeared to wear my old trusty gladiators to the ground and am now left with nothing to adorn my feet...

I noticed gladiator sandals are back in trend according to an article in this month's InStyle Magazine, yet many, if not all, of the options listed were made of real leather. So, I've decided to round up a few of the best options I found in my search for the perfect (vegan) metallic gladiator sandal. 

Faux Leather Vegan Metallic Gold Silver Gladiator Sandals Spring Summer 2013

1. Heart Soul Morgana, $49, Piperlime

2. Tildon 'Sarasota' Sandal, $60, Nordstrom

3. Metallic Strap Sandal, $25, Forever 21

4. Zigi Girl Arrow, $59, Piperlime

5. Tildon 'Sarasota' Sandal, $60, Nordstrom

6. Steve Madden Flexi, $60, Piperlime

7. GC Shoes Arena, $45, Piperlime

How do you feel about gladiator sandals? Would you wear any of these?

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